OEM Manufacturing

When you take into account the issues of quality, consistency and final cost, casting is often the superior choice to forging, fabricating, welding or machining parts. And few companies know more about casting than Conbraco. In the past decade, we have invested more than $100 million in new plants, foundries and technologies. We have also introduced the latest lean practices and pull manufacturing techniques. In addition to providing greater value for our customers, these investments and innovations have expanded our capability as a dependable contract manufacturing partner for OEMs.

Bronze Casting Division

Our 85,800 square foot bronze casting facility in Pageland, SC offers sand castings produced on high speed automated match plate molding machines. Cored castings utilize cores made on a variety of automated core making equipment using the shell core process.

We were the first brass foundry to use a PLC controlled autopour with a heated vessel that incorporated a stopper rod system to control the pour. This is now a standard in the copper based casting industry. This system gives us close control of the pour temperature and excellent repeatability from mold to mold. We now incorporate three such systems and automatically pour all production castings.

Our foundry offers every aspect of brass casting from pattern making on our CNC machining centers to high speed trimming of castings on our trim die machines.

The brass foundry is ISO registered and meets all EPA regulations. We have both a well appointed sand lab and a metal lab with spectroanalysis capabilities, these vital testing abilities assure the quality of the casting we produce.

Available Alloys ASTM
C83600 ASTM B584
C84400 ASTM B584
C89836 (Lead Free) ASTM B584

Steel & Alloy Casting

Our 170,000-square-foot steel and alloy casting center in Conway, S.C. offers investment as well as air-set production. It yields extremely high quality, near net shape castings. Among the most advanced foundries on earth, this ISO 9001 registered facility meets all EPA regulations. It's equipped with a $1.5 million dust collection system and $2.5 million computer driven conveyor network. Investment casting can produce parts as heavy as 150 pounds from molds as large as 2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet (including gating). Our air-set (no-bake) line is capable of high-volume production of components weighing nearly a ton and castings up to 45 inches x 50 inches x 30 inches (including gating).

Available Specialty Alloys ASTM
CF8M 316 Stainless Steel ASTM A743, ASTM 351
CF3M 316L Stainless Steel A743, ASTM 351
WCB Low Carbon Steel ASTM A216
4140 Low Alloy Steel ASTM A732
CN7M Alloy 20 ASTM A743
CW-12MW Hastalloy ® C ASTM A494
CY-40 Inconel ® 600 ASTM A494
M-35-1 Monel ® 400 ASTM A494 (Investment Casting Only)
CZ100 Nickel Alloy 210 ASTM A494
HK 310 Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant ASTM A297
410 Stainless Steel AMS 5350G ASTM A297

Tooling Capabilities

The best casting begins with the best tooling. At Conbraco, we offer the design engineering know-how and equipment to satisfy all of your tooling requirements. Our advanced Mold Shop is geared to providing rapid prototyping. Conbraco technical experts can develop mold designs from a variety of input sources, including your prints, IGES, DXF or solid model files. Our tooling capabilities include...

  • Urethane Tooling
  • Mahogany Masters
  • Surfcam CAD/CAM
  • CNC and Manual Machines
  • Diesink EDM Machine
  • True Three-Axis Hurco Vertical CNC Mill
  • Feeder CAD Gating Program

Our tooling services are available even if we don't do your casting.

Machining Capabilities

Machine Capacity / Size
Milling Up to 35" cube capacity
Drilling Any size drilling
Turning Up to 22" diameter
Stamping Production Stamping presses up to 200 ton capacity
Fabricating Steel Fabricating of conveyors, racks and special designs on request
Mig and Tig Welding Up to 10" diameter
Wire EDM Up to 4" square
Electrode EDM Up to 12" x 12" size
Coating Zinc Phosphate coating
Plating High volume chrome plating

Two Weeks Could Change Your Product And Bottom Line Forever!

So what are your contract manufacturing and tooling requirements? How will casting parts improve your products? How soon will you need them and what is your target pricing? At Conbraco, we're eager to respond quickly. In fact, when you provide us with precise engineering drawings, we'll provide you with a comprehensive project quote in as little as two weeks. Guaranteed! Give your products the benefits of our world-class manufacturing and quality insights. Call Conbraco today or place a web inquiry. We're good at taking orders!

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